DRH103B 1

Honey comb mat 60x80cm – 22mm

Sales unit Piece
Weight (kg) 5.5
Color Black
Length (cm) 60
Width (cm) 80
Thickness (mm) 22


Possible application
1. Commercial building entrance
2. Workplaces
3. Ski centres
4. Ship decks

DRH103BHoney comb mat 100x150cm – 22mm
DRH103DHoney comb mat 60x80cm – 22mm
DRH124AHoney comb mat 100x180cm – 13mm
DRH124BHoney comb mat 100x150cm – 13mm
DRH124CHoney comb mat 50x100cm – 13mm


This extra heavy duty mat with strong sturdy grip ensures slip resistance and it octagonal open design facilitates liquid drainage. It provides good fatique reliever due to thick rubber mass. Honey comb mats