DRH101T 1

Ring mat 40x60cm – 16mm

Sales unit Piece
Weight (kg) 1.0
Color Black
Length (cm) 40
Width (cm) 60
Thickness (mm) 16


Possible application
1. Eco friendly choice for playground surfacing
2. Entrance mat
3. Outdoor wet and snowy areas

DRH101TRing mat 40x60cm – 12mm
DRH101ARing mat 40x60cm – 16mm
DRH101BRing mat 40x60cm – 22mm
DRH101VRing mat 45x75cm – 16mm
DRH101WRing mat 45x75cm – 22mm
DRH101CRing mat 40x80cm – 16mm
DRH101DRing mat 40x80cm – 22mm
DRH101ERing mat 50x80cm – 16mm
DRH101FRing mat 50x80cm – 22mm
DRH101GRing mat 60x80cm – 16mm
DRH101GRing mat 60x80cm – 22mm
DRH101SRing mat 70x70cm – 22mm
DRH101URing mat 50x100cm – 12mm
DRH101JRing mat 50x100cm – 16mm
DRH101KRing mat 50x100cm – 22mm
DRH101LRing mat 80x120cm – 16mm
DRH101MRing mat 80x120cm – 22mm
DRH101NRing mat 100x150cm – 16mm
DRH101PRing mat 100x150cm – 22mm


Ring mats are first line of your solid defence against snow, sticky mud and dirt, its circular holes ensures drain off water, accumulated mud and snow. These mats are extremely safe, hygienic and offer a non slip work surface.